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  1. colection update!! just added my 4th figure ^w^ wwe net work exculive shawn michels!
    would have gote the terry funk but some one stole the belt ant it was the last one.
    but there also a new figure for you to hunt, a new net work exclusive "ring master" steave austin with the milloin doler championship i saw at toys r us while i was there.
    sorry for my horible spelling

  2. Dynamite Kid was a former WWF Junior Heavyweight Champion… He won the title February 7, 1984 in Tokyo, Japan over the Cobra in a tournament final… Vacated the title in November 1984 when British Bulldogs jump to All Japan Pro Wrestling…

    The funny thing about the WWF Canadian championship, was there was no belt and Dino Bravo was the only champion…


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