Ideally we work to dominate and pin all of our opponents. In this video, Eric Akin teaches you how to ride, turn and pin your opponent, which can make an average wrestler into a dominant wrestler from the top position.

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  1. This is very helpful!!! Subscribed!! Iam actually a Judo guy, but love a lot wrestling and I always take wrestling concepts and techniques and adapt it to my Judo game. First time I did it, I immediately got my Judo better. First I did: I noticed wrestlers spar very close to each other, or try it, and there is an important grappling fight before attempting a takedown, which is not as important in Judo; here most of the people attack from a longer distance with shoots, if you get me. So I tried to dominate better my opponent first before the takedown, grab them in a way they can't do much for defence not even for a attack. From then, I got better my game, thanks wrestling.


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