We may not like everything Tiny “Zeus” Lister told me a few months back, but there surely are some fascinating tidbits in here. Took me a while to get the footage but here it is!



  1. A black and a white guy fighting makes more money than two white guys fighting? So Zeus/Hogan drew more money than Andre/Hogan?

    Zeus/Z-Gangsster was a ridiculous gimmick. He was supposed to be a monster, but he never won a match.

  2. I remembered meeting him in downtown miami 15 years ago. He looked very intimidating with his impressive size. I still went up to him for a small talk and he was a true gentleman with class and invited me to a party in south beach in which i never went. But i could tell you he's a giant teddy bear.

  3. What I would like to ask Mr. Lister is why did the WWF decide not to put him in squash matches, to help get his Zeus character over as a brutal, unstoppable monster? I know if I had done the booking, he'd be in matches that were (essentially) similar to the "No Holds Barred" scenes at the bar (the illegal fights that are televised on main villain Brell's TV network), at the factory (where he kills two steel workers with his bare hands) and what he does to main hero Rip's brother, Randy. And then put him even in matches against mid-carders like Koko B. Ware and Hercules (or even Shawn Michaels, who was mid-card at the time), only to completely dominate them. The WWF missed an opportunity, in my opinion.

  4. I tell you what Peter! Tom aka 'Zeus' was the man in the 1989 Survivor Series! Seemed like those chest slaps mad him even more standoffish and I wouldn't want to do that to him too many times, LOL. Heck, he might turn on me, lol.


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